Welcome to Wellness Fixed

Wellness Fixed was built by real people who have been through the western medical system and essentially given drugs and turned away from further treatment, simply because doctors weren’t able to help us.

Instead we turned to the incredible new body of research being done on Fibro/IBS and other long term health conditions and have discovered a way out of our suffering.

This website is dedicated to those who have been turned away and are looking for real answers, not just drugs or surgeries.

Wellness is our birthright. And your body is designed to repair itself, it just needs the right environment. The problem is it’s not always getting the right environment to do so. The trick is to allow your body the proper environment so this can happen.

Wellness is our natural state. Your body is designed to repair itself, but it needs the right environment to do that. The #1 issue is that it’s not always easy to understand how to do this.

But if you think of your body as a water hose and the water is the stream of wellness that’s always flowing through it. But our toxic environment and the stresses of our modern world often “kinks” this hose.

And soon, this stream of wellness can go from a raging stream, down to a little trickle. This always results in some kind of imbalance within the mind or body.

Our job now becomes finding out how we can un-kink this hose, and allow this wellness to once again flow easily through our body.

That is what this website is all about. We will be sharing with you the ways in which we have personally learned how to un-kink this hose so that your wellness can once again fully flow through you. Here’s the bottom line. It’s not about merely taking more stuff to get better. It is really about removing the blockages within you that your hose can go from a tiny stream, to a powerful river.


– Jean Stanford, Editor in Chief