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I am still shocked at how many experts don’t know about biofilms.

Especially since they play a role in over a dozen health conditions.

I want to uncover the research that shows just how important these biofilms are for so many of us looking for answers.


Because I’ve found it to be the #1 reason why even the most well-known protocols don’t work & why we relapse.

There is now compelling evidence that over 80% of people dealing with a long-term condition are actually experiencing some form of bacterial or fungal overgrowth. [1] Linking the microbiota, health conditions and the immune system. Timothy W. Hand* 1. Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin, 2016

The 4 main “bugs” or microbes, most people are suffering from are bacteria, fungus, parasites & molds.

One of the most difficult factors with these bugs, is that they’re often responsible for long-term health symptoms, such as: body aches, mood and sleep disorders, poor digestion & brain-fog and extreme lethargy.


Biofilm: Why Even the Best Protocols Fail

As the populations of bugs become mature, they become resistant to even the toughest treatment protocols.

And experts have discovered that it’s because of biofilm.

Biofilm is a toxic, sticky plaque that bacteria & fungus secrete, which acts as a blanket within the body where they can hide out.

And biofilm is everywhere.

Biofilm in Kitchen Sink Pipe

In one study, medical researchers found that bacteria hidden underneath biofilms were up to 1,000x’s more likely to survive even the most potent antibiotics. [2] Rasmussen TB, Givskof M Int J Med Microbial, 2006;296 (2-3): 149-161 [PubMed]

And biofilm is also the #1 reason why we’re suddenly seeing a huge rise in the drug-resistant bacteria showing up in the world.

Once biofilm becomes established in the body, these harmful bugs are free to multiply under the safe layer of this biofilm plaque.

The more these bugs populate beneath their biofilms, the more bio-waste ends up accumulating within the body, reaching a critical-mass.

Once this mass is reached, a chain-reaction of events begins taking place in the body as it becomes increasingly compromised.

And all of this starts in the gut.


So, What’s the Bottom Line?

Ultimately, the first step is removing this toxic biofilm layer that harmful yeast and bacteria use to hide and multiply under.

Because if you don’t take this first step to eliminate this protective layer, almost any protocol is destined to fail.

The famous quote from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine once proclaimed “All health begins in the gut.”

But sadly, this principle has all but been lost in our modern world.

Until only recently.

That’s because the latest research has recently discovered 2 natural methods for breaking down this biofilm and reclaiming your vitality.

And it’s already something that our bodies naturally produce each & every day.

I’m going to detail, step-by-step, why & how this works and what this could mean for over a dozen conditions that biofilm plays a huge role in solving.

It’s so powerful they say you don’t need to use it more than once per day (twice for extreme cases).

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