Caffeine and Indigestion

Coffee drinkers may have experienced heartburn and wonder does tea give indigestion? If coffee is your usual morning caffeine fix, but you find yourself with a stomach ache after drinking it, switching to tea may or may not be helpful.

The reason? Coffee causes indigestion is often the same reason tea can cause indigestion: caffeine.

Some people have a sensitivity to caffeine that irritates their stomach when they consume it on an empty stomach.

Polyphenols are another compound found in tea that can cause indigestion, specifically heartburn.

Polyphenols are known to stimulate gastric acid, which will add to heartburn.

Tannins in tea also can cause indigestion, but this is usually only found in people who have consumed large amounts of tea. For some people, these won’t be a problem if tea is consumed with food.

The food in your stomach can soak up some of the excess stomach acid produced. However, if you find yourself experiencing heartburn frequently after drinking tea, it probably is a problem you can’t fix.

Some people incorrectly assume that switching from black tea to green tea could alleviate their indigestion. However, caffeine is just as present in green teas as black teas, only not as strong. So this may work.

But if the caffeine is what triggers your upset stomach, switching to an herbal tea is likely the only way to go.

In fact, other side of tea is that it can be used to relieve indigestion if you use the right kind. Teas made with herbs that do not contain caffeine can be very helpful in eliminating heartburn.

Actually, a simple tea made from peppermint leaves is a very common natural remedy for upset stomach.

The leaves and root of the dandelion are also known to help relieve indigestion, as is the gentian root. Brewing a tea of herbs and roots can help relieve indigestion.

If you’re tired of your morning mug giving you stomach problems, consider switching to a different kind of drink. Just because coffee or tea give you trouble doesn’t mean you have to eliminate them. While tea does give indigestion, it can also be a helpful remedy.