Preventing Parasites and Bacterial Overgrowth in the Body

In order to prevent parasites and bacterial overgrowth in the body, you need to eliminate 3 categories of pollutants, which overload the body and slow up the immune system and healing process.

We need to temporarily control what we eat to reduce or minimize the risk of Candida developing and the intake of toxic chemicals from food and the environment. Parasites inhabit just about everyone at one time or another.

When we are well they have no effect on us whatsoever. When we are sick, they become an aggravating factor and can slow up, or work against our recovery. There are ways of minimizing the risk of parasites.

– All salad produce is thoroughly washed, ie. lettuce, watercress, fresh herbs, any fresh leaves eaten raw. I dip these in a dilution of iodine.

– All fruits should be thoroughly washed

– No raw fish e.g. sushi, Spanish raw fish Ceviche and others

– No raw meat e.g., chorizo sausage, large Spanish smoked hams – jambon serrano, Italian prosciutto – The process of smoking meats does not kill parasites. As well as steak Tartar and semi-cooked steaks and other meats

– No cooked beef that has not been frozen first. Cooking does not necessarily eliminate parasites, freezing does. I refer in particular to beef which should be frozen at a temperature of -8c or lower

– Seafood that has not been cleaned – eg. prawns, remove intestines (red line on the inside) before cooking

– All cooked vegetables are safe to eat, with regard to the possibility of parasite invasion

More information is available New York Times article on dangers of eating raw meat and raw fish.

Salad leaves purchased in bags have been dipped in ammonia/chlorine – this does not sterilize the leaves from parasites.

I clean my salads and fruit, such as berries, with peroxide. Dip the salads or fruit in this for 2 minutes minimum. Hydrogen peroxide also has many other valuable natural uses.